Fix Your Wardrobe

We’ve been talking all about closets and styling your own clothes and how to get our groove back in the style department over on Facebook and IG with our FIX your wardrobe series. Fix, you guys. FIX. #fyourwardrobe

Here are a few of our top tips organized just for you:

Step one: Go through your whole closet from shoes to undies to sweaters and bottoms and put everything that doesn’t fit AWAY. Throw them in a rubbermaid, a storage box, in a spare bedroom, in the basement… wherever, but they don’t need to be in your closet right now. You might wear them again but not TODAY.

2. Seasonalise your wardrobe: Now that you’ve removed items that don’t fit, it’s time to cull it again! Remove those capris, shorts, swimsuits, neon tees and ANYTHING that doesn’t scream fall or winter to you. Leave only what you will honestly wear in the next four months. Putting the rest away means that when you get it out in a new season, you’ll look at it with fresh eyes. You’ll either be excited to see it again and it will feel brand new or you will feel ‘meh’ about it and part with it later.

3. Filter your items: Group like items in piles. Start with: bottoms, open layers, long sleeves tops and short sleeves tops. Once you’ve got these piles, take a look. Do you have 3 pairs of the same black pants? The same white tee? 7 grey cardigans? Pick the ones that make you look and feel amazing and set the rest aside. That’s what your rubbermaid is for. 

4. Find your style: What’s your go-to outfit? We created an ‘style uniform’ this weekend that everyone tried. You likely have one too. Do you always wear a tee, jeans and a jacket? A skirt, a sweater and boots? That’s your tried and true style uniform. It’s time to get creative! Start with a bottom (say a skirt) and pick 3 or four tops (tank, cardi and necklace) that go perfectly with that bottom. Hang them up together in your closet. Grab your next bottom in the pile and do the same. We recommend starting with 5-10 bottoms that you really really love and creating 3-4 looks with each one. You’re set for a month.

5. Fake it. Maybe you don’t have 5 bottoms. Maybe you have all the bottoms and just feel overwhelmed by starting.

It’s okay, there’s an app for that. Get on over to our Belong Lifestyle page on Pinterest and get investigating. You want to check out our body types board, click on yours and start checking out the outfits recommended for YOU. Find a look you love (one style uniform) or find a celebrity who’s style you want and start there.

Pick one style uniform and try to recreate it from your closet. This is going to do two things:

  1. Make your clothes fun again.
  2. Give you an actual practical shopping list if you need to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. This will make your life 2 million times easier whether you’re perusing our site or wandering into Winners. You have a tangible PLAN.

If you give it a go, let us know how it goes for you! We’re here for any style questions anytime. We challenge you to do one step a day. Let it be fun and not overwhelming. Get rid of the clutter and find the fun in your closet. That’s the real F we should be enjoying.

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