Introducing Ashlyn George

Welcome to our Women of Power series. We believe that empowered women empower women so here at Belong Lifestyle we are so excited to introduce you to some local women who are innovators, leaders and all around incredible humans changing the world.

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Today’s Woman of Power needs no introduction but we’re gong to celebrate her for all her incredible talents anyway. 

Meet Ashlyn. 

Ashlyn George (B.Ed, B.A) is a multi-award winning travel writer, photographer, content creator and speaker from Saskatoon, Canada. She is the go-to travel and adventure expert in the province of Saskatchewan, frequently appearing on CTV, Global and CBC news and radio channels. She has been featured in The New York Times by the 52 Places Traveler, by Kayak as a Top Ten Travel Hacker and in Explore Magazine’s article on 7 Epic Female Adventurers. Ashlyn has travelled 60 countries on all 7 continents – all before the age of 30.

A passionate outdoor and adventure traveller, her love of discovering new things and sharing it with others led to the launch of her blog, The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding the World. With more than 70,000 engaged followers and readers, her social media channels educate and inspire others to explore their world in search of adventure. Today, Ashlyn travels and crafts content for magazines and tourism boards including clients such as CAA Magazines, World Nomads, Matador Network, the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, Travel Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism and Tourism Ireland. She also partners with national companies like The Weather Network, NFL Canada, Air Miles, McDonald’s and Ford to creatively share their messages through her social media channels.

Not only is Ashlyn an incredibly accomplished SK success story, she is also one of the hardest working and dedicated people we know. Abbie has had the pleasure of travelling along side her on just a few of her adventures and the privilege of calling her an incredible friend. 

Let’s learn a little more about Ashlyn

In her words: “I often thought I’d be an ER Doctor, I even took the pre-med courses to apply. But I changed my mind and got into Education. Yet teaching in a school setting never felt like the right fit. I had no idea my life choices would lead me to being a full time travel writer and content creator – that was never a job I had thought of or envisioned for myself. But after travelling so much of the world and discovering my passion for the outdoors while sharing helpful and educational content through my blog, the world of content creation and writing found me. Advice to my younger self: Always pursue the things that make you happy, don’t be afraid to speak your mind and never stop going after what you want, even if that looks different from what others want.”

We asked Ashlyn what a day in her wardrobe looks like: “Every day is different for me. When working from home (which is where my office is even pre-COVID), I live in messy ponytails and comfy outfits of yoga pants, sweaters, t-shirts and bralettes/sports bras. When I’m adventuring on road trips and working with clients you’ll find me in casual clothes and layers depending on the weather. It’s a range from yoga pants and hiking clothes to denim shorts and tanks/t-shirts or brimmed hats & backpacks. I also speak at workshops and conferences and emcee events so I wear everything from a LBD and heels but most preferably and often find myself in dress pants and blouses. I like to look stylish and well put together – tones and colours matter. But I also need to be comfortable as my days are really long and can take me to a variety of places.”

We love Ashlyn’s warm and welcoming ability to put the people around her at ease as well as her determination to continue to learn and grow every day.

We asked her what’s she would tell a younger self looking to grow: 

“It’s important to learn how to ask for help. It’s not fake it until you make it – it’s figure it out until you make it. You can’t grow if you’re not willing to put the time and effort into educating yourself so you can do better.”

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