Introducing Dr. Monique Simair

Welcome to our Women of Power series. We believe that empowered women empower women so here at Belong Lifestyle we are so excited to introduce you to some local women who are innovators, leaders and all around incredible humans changing the world.

Today we want to introduce you to someone near and dear to our hearts, Dr. Monique Simair.

Earth Day is a perfect time to introduce this incredible woman because she created her current company, Maven Water & Environment, to develop and use sustainable water treatment technologies for mines right here in Saskatchewan and around the world. 

Monique has a disciplined passion for building things and is consistently at the forefront of business and systems innovation. Dr. Simair is recognized internationally as a disruptive technology innovator.  For the past decade, Dr. Simair has been revolutionizing water treatment around the world, resulting in her former company (Contango Strategies) being purchased by a publicly traded company. Now she is tackling new business sustainability, environmental and technical challenges with Maven Water & Environment, a high growth enviro-tech company, founded in 2019.

Monique would never tell you all the incredible honours she has merited but we will: She’s been named by Profit Magazine as one of Canada’s future entrepreneurial leaders, to Chatelaine’s W100 women entrepreneurs, and the University of Saskatchewan Alumni of Influence. She was the youngest person appointed as an advisor to Canada’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Council, advising Canada’s Minister of Industry.

Monique is one of the brightest, most positive and caring people we know. She consistently uses her knowledge and connections to create opportunities for the people around her. Her passion and positive energy draw you in and her genuine interest in those around her is apparent in her business and in her personal dealings. 

We asked Monique what advice she’d have for young women today,

“The thought of having to pick “one thing” terrified me. I’d tell my younger self that you don’t have to choose. You can be lots of things and continue to change and evolve your whole life. Lots of things seem monumental at the time they happen, but very few will matter in the long run. No matter what the setback, keep on moving.”

Monique’s every day work wear ranges from wide leg jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt to a power suit to a hardhat. Her day is as varied and interesting as her.  Currently, she’s focused on finding enough people to hire with the needed skills and expertise so her company can continue quickly scaling and growing. We love her spirit, her sassy humour and her way of using her intelligence and instincts in way to improve everything around her.

To learn more about Monique, follow her on Linked In and check out her company on Facebook right here.

Please note that all photography included in this post is the artwork of Lovely Roots Photography.

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