French Fashion


People watching in France is a whole new level of awesome.  Fact.  It obviously can’t even compare to style watching at Walmart.
Not even close.
I would say about 87% were impeccably dressed and we had a blast just observing fashion.
And taking notes.
And pictures.
When in Rome, right?


Accidentally not on purpose, we settled in the ideal location for the sport- Aix-en-Provence, a small (145K) university city with tons of beautifully dressed locals, except I have come to realize that that statement is true for all of the French and basically people watching in France has ruined people watching at home for me.

Let me tell you how it works so you can set yourself up for some optimal PWTime.

How to People à la Française

1. Position yourself at a table facing out.  Doesn’t matter if there are only 2 of you. You sit together and you face the crowd.
2. Practice your resting biznitch face.  I fit in quite well there.
3.  Don’t rush your meal or your little coffee- just enjoy food, drink, company and the display of fashion that walks by.

Now on to the fun part….all the great styles we saw.   Here is my summary as well as the photographic evidence, because what kind of research would this be if I didn’t back it up.  I’m sciencey like that.

Styles to watch for:

1.  Tights under shorts, dresses, cropped jeans. Tights with runs in them were everywhere too.
2. Runners with everything.
3. Pleated skirt.
4. A perfect marriage of the first three points = tights, pleated skirt and runners.


























We loved the trends so much that we were extremely excited to take them home and incorporate them into our styles.
Loved that Bo from BosBodaciousBlog jumped right on the trendwagon.

We did things like buying the shoes that we wore in the 90s.

or the very french handbag.   Not creepy at all, Abbie.



I mean, we went to France to be cultured and eat the great food, practice the melodic language and see the sights, but the fashion part was an added bonus and I can’t wait to bring a few of these trends into my daily style.

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