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Today we’re introducing you to one of our favourite voices online in Saskatoon. Ashlee Piper is a mom of two, a wife, a full time teacher and a content creator. Ashlee is stunning but what drew us to her feed is her hilarious and dry sense of humour, real talk and body positive style.

Here are a few of her words:


“I teach an alternative education program and absolutely love my job. The youth I work with teach me so much and inspire me each and every day! I started using Instagram with intention almost 2 years ago and have been loving creating content and building community!”


“I honestly can always remember wanting to be a teacher, as far back as I can remember. But I also had so many pulls of other passions as well.. makeup artist, hair dresser, model, photographer, business wonder.. these were all areas (amongst others) I was always interested in, but they couldn’t pull me from my love of teaching.”



“Advice I would give my younger self.. oh boy.. where do I start? I can sum it up in this.. YOU ARE WORTHY!”

If you are looking for reminders of positive and true self talk in today’s culture, we are obsessed with Ashlee’s Worthy Wednesday posts


So what does this bombshell like to wear?

“My day to day work attire is very casual. Jeans and a cute tshirt.. leggings and a tank with a comfy button down shirt. My personal style.. I am a big ol mixed bag depending how I’m feeling. You may find me super casual in my fav jeans, tshirt and doc martens.. or glammed up in a cute dress, leather jacket, lipstick and cute heels! I dress depending on my mood and what I’m feelin!”


We asked Ashlee about what she’s finding challenging right now.

Stress. My job as a teacher brings on many stressful situations that can sometimes be tough to shut off. I’ve learned the importance of self care and and recognizing feelings of burn out. As a content creator, one of the biggest challenges is people taking the job serious or feeling like you’re fair game for mean things to be said. Also, balance! I struggle finding and keeping a good balance.”


We asked Ashlee what helps her to navigate her worlds:

“[I’ve learned] not to take things personally. When students are having a bad day or say mean things to me.. it’s not about me.. it goes deeper. Same goes with IG. When people say mean and rude things, it speaks more on what they are going through.. and not about who I am!”

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