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Oh hey friends!



Here you are, out on the interwebs and you’ve stumbling into this little community and you’re wondering what on earth is happening in this little corner of cyberspace. 

We’ve got you, girl.

Yup. We’ve got you, girl. Via @mytherapistsays on Instagram

Who are you guys? 

Many faces have come together to create this community: a safe space for ladies looking for community and clothing. Based out of sunny Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (say that 3 times fast), we’ll be sharing our takes on life as well as some awesome apparel, all in the hope of encouraging you (and ourselves) to live life out loud, through our words, through our actions and through our closets.

What does Belong Lifestyle mean?

As women, is there anything better than a sense of belonging? You belong in your own beauty, comfortable in your own skin and intrinsically respected and valued. Be seen. Be heard. Be you. We want to create the framework for a safe space for women to explore ideas, style and maybe even have a little fun.
What’s up with the clothes? 

We’re curating some pretty fun pieces for your wardrobe this season. Our pieces consist of gently loved quality clothes and fun and timeless new apparel. 

See our online store here.

Follow our Instagram account for all the fun 

What kind of community are you girls talking about? Is this a Beachbody scam? 

Bahahaha. Sorry, Beachbody coaches. I know you guys are awesome and you just get a bad rap… but HECK NO! 

Community takes on many forms in our little realm.  We’ve podcasted, we’ve held events, we have done fashion shows and photoshoots galore.  There are many different ways you can join in. 

What’s the catch?

Like the catch of the day? Usually a cute purse as we have a giveaways on IG and Facebook…

But for real, no catch. We’d love for you to come along. You can sit with us. There’s always room at the table (although we do sometimes run out of wine). 

~the gals at Belong

Be seen. Be heard. Be you.

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