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Welcome to our Women of Power series. We believe that empowered women empower women so here at Belong Lifestyle we are so excited to introduce you to some local women who are innovators, leaders and all around incredible humans changing the world.

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Today we are so excited to introduce you to this powerhouse of a woman: Véronique Eugene Loewen, Translator and Communicator by design and her company Verolingo



When we first met Véronique, we immediately noticed her presence and style. She brings a calm confident composure with a hint of fun wherever she goes. 



In her own words: 

My style is eclectic and colourful. My go to is a pair of leggings and a bright coloured top. If I wear black or white or grey or brown it’s always paired up with colourful jewelry. I love accessories and shoes! The right pair of shoes can make the outfit! And no matter what I wear, I always add a smile with it! 😊

We want full access to her shoe and purse collection. 


Véronique created her company Verolingo to help people and organizations communicate more effectively, through strategic communication planning, accurate and culturally sensitive English-French translation and impactful writing and editing. She helps convey messages clearly. In her words, “It’s about crafting memorable communication tools to inform and engage the intended audience. It’s about being authentic, approachable and timely.”


We love that Véronique has turned her gift of conveying meaning and helping others be heard into an incredible livelihood. Growing up, Véronique wanted to be a scientist or a live theatre actress or a business owner.

“I was all over the map! Then I found my passion, languages and communication. My advice to my younger self would be dream big and don’t take no for an answer. I’d say your path is unique, don’t worry about what others might have done differently, do what feels right to you even if you fail, nothing is ever that final, that bad, that big a deal! Pick yourself up and try again!”


Véronique models an open and responsive way of approaching her work that is applicable to life for all of us: There are many ways to address a same issue; there are many ways to communicate, and so many factors out of my control that influence the outcome. I can plan, check the plan, tweak the plan, but ultimately I just have to go with the plan and be prepared to deal with the outcome whether it’s excellent, good or bad.

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