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Women of Power Series

Welcome to our Women of Power series. We believe that empowered women empower women so here at Belong Lifestyle we are so excited to introduce you to some local women who are innovators, leaders and all around incredible humans changing the world.

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Today we can’t wait to introduce you to the incredible Puja Bansal!

Puja Bansal

I started Shailo Business Solutions Inc. five years ago. Shailo, named after my mother, provides management consulting services in corporate strategy, transformational enterprise programs and leadership coaching.”

Puja Bansal

“The company has another arm that promotes beauty yet simplicity in lifestyle. We promote Feng Shui to create positive energy in the home. We also create beautiful home interiors.”

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Puja Bansal

Growing up, Puja always had a thirst for adventure and was fiercely independent.

I aspired to be in a lot of unconventional roles, like an air force pilot, hotel manager or being in the travel industry. However, such roles were not available or acceptable as a female in India at that time. I did the next best thing and became an architect.”

Puja Bansal

“The advice I would give my younger self is to put in the work to know myself fully so that all my decisions line up with what makes me happy. Using all that knowledge, I can live my life with intention & design.”

Every woman we’ve spoken to talks about the evolution of their personal skillset as they develop it into a livelihood. 

Puja says, “Be true to what you are passionate about! Know your strengths and don’t be shy to ask for help! If you don’t ask, you don’t get! The biggest challenge for me has been business development and learning how to monetize my expertise.”

We love this advice shared recently with The Fashion Ambition Podcast.

“My work uniform is a nice pair of pants with a blouse and a jacket. Sometimes, I wear an office dress. I am trying to incorporate color that complements my skin tone and I love great fit and sleek style.”

Puja Bansal

When we were learning about Puja’s personal philosophy of life, Deena asked her how she applies feng shui to clothes.

“It got me thinking ……

How I apply feng shui to personal clothing is by sticking to a capsule closet. The idea of a capsule is to stick to a few pieces that are versatile. You get your time back in thinking ‘what should I wear?’

I am investing in high end pieces that are versatile and that give me joy. And when I am bored with the capsule, I will lovingly cherish the memories and give it away for some one else to enjoy and off I am to the next capsule. Remember, that you will need to stick to layering to adapt to different seasons.

The whole point of feng sui is simplicity. Don’t hoard clutter, don’t buy in the first place if you don’t fall in love with the item and just because it is on sale. Recycle and share with others when you are done. Spread the love to the community and get your time back in organizing the clutter and money back in buying a bigger closet/house.”

Yes, yes, yes. If you need help with a capsule wardrobe, check out some of our suggestions on our Pinterest page or come on in for guidance in styling your body for your life. 

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