Spring Shoe Trend Guide for 2023

Ready to take a fashion “leap” of faith and liven up your wardrobe? With trends for 2023 pushing boundaries, why not start with something as small as new stylish shoes? Spring is the perfect time to switch up your footwear, no matter what your style or aesthetic is. From classic loafers, to trendy boots, there are so many options that can bring you out of any winter wardrobe funk and into a new level of style. As they say: when your shoes speak, the world listens! Partial to a subtle look? Choose flat sandals with classy adornments. Feeling daring? Experiment with bold colors or statement heels. Whatever looks set rivals’ eyes ablaze, rock it – it’s springtime and that means it’s time for daring trends and positive vibes!

Here are a few of our favourite trends:

Ballet flats are back!

Alright, we never really put these away but we’re thrilled to see them making a revival as they are versatile, comfortable and easy to pack. Our favourite brand for flats is Sam Edelman- they are comfy and cute.

Sam Edelman Flats at the Bay

Platform/Chunky anything.

Maybe you’re going for the chunky boot or loafer or perhaps it’s the 70s platform- but no matter what, you’ll see this style carry through from spring to summer with heels and sandals too.

Sleek Sneakers.

Obnoxiously chunky is leaving and sleek and subtle is heading back in. Think Vejas or Sam Smiths.


Yup, and we’re not sad about it. Stud it up, glitz it down and add some bling to your footwear.

Shop some of fave trends:

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