meet the team


Emma is our lead stylist and has been with the team since the fall of 2020. She brings an organized mind and productive energy to our family. Emma is currently studying at the U of S to become a speech pathologist. She loves a good vanilla latte and dislikes it when her car breaks down more than once a day week.


Kyla has been a member of the Belong team since the beginnings as our first photographer and online organizer. She has now morphed into one of our storefront stylists. Kyla is a mom of 3 who is currently returning to school to study education, adding to her degree as dietician. What can’t she do? We haven’t decided yet but we most certainly will remember to put the hangers the right way on the racks when she’s around.


Candace is a behind the scenes member of the Belong team. She has the best job and receives our new shipments first for review. But more importantly she gets to build forts out of all of the boxes. Allegedly. Candace is a busy mom of 2 who also works with the CFIA, which is like the CIA but with food, so it’s better.


Lana has been with our team since the beginning, despite living so far way in Seattle. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our group and shares her styling tips for tall gals like her. Lana is also a business owner with her husband and has two sons and a brand new daughter in law!


Belen joined our team when we had a store in Martensville so that she could have a job close to home. Except then we closed that store and now she travels to be with us. Belen brings youthful energy to our group and is always willing to try something new. She is the reason packages are delivered so quickly to the Martensville area.


Elyzza is also new to our team and we adore her. She is soft-spoken but oh, so kind and leaves you feeling like a queen. We absolutely adore Elyzza’s style and can’t wait to see her outfits every day. She is a true fashion forward visionary and love when she styles our pieces.


Our beloved Brit who creates from afar is always welcomed to move back here. Who could not love the gal who watched the backroom wall tumble down and did not skip a beat. Natalie is responsible for our social posts while spending her days dreaming about Harry Styles and probably likely eating scones.


What’s not to love about Alex? Seriously. We are so grateful our paths crossed and that she loves our brand as much as we love her. Alex is a joy to be around- she makes everything more fun and is sincere in her thoughts, kind in her wisdom and hilarious in her many personas she takes on when picking outfits for the week. During the wee hours of the day, Alex can be found hosting Saskatoon’s CTV Morning Live


Lisa is a true team player and a genuine supporter of women. She brings a voice and a narrative to the team that women hear, absorb and appreciate. We love her ideas, her enthusiasm and her ability to bring women together. Lisa is a mom of 2, a rockstar’s wife and former university level athlete which makes us kinda want to race her.


Heather, this wise soul’s magic powers include listening in a way that makes you feel understood and seen, even when you do not see yourself. She has a keen ability to help you lower your shoulders and shed the weight of the world you are carrying. She brings compassion and dedication to our team along with the ability to reference any skit from the history of SNL. This empath is likely to know what we are needing before we do.

interested in joining our team? do you feel in your soul that you have something to bring to the table? we’re intrigued. why don’t you send us an email at